About us

Our company

Solar Essentials is one of the well-established solar energy consultants and hardware manufacturers. We design extensive equipments covering all the diverse requirements in solar lighting based products for all kinds of industries and residential sites.
  • Top quality products
  • Best customer service
  • Free maintenance

Services We Offer

Solar Essentials is a consulting firm specializing in solar lighting solutions, focusing on meeting the needs of clients while delivering value added results. We provide strategic management consulting, engineering, and environmental advisory services to cover all aspects of your renewable energy system. Our services are comprehensive consisting of full lifecycle project management, which means we can offer you everything you need from project beginning to end.

Here at Solar Essentials, we are a driven, passionate team with a mission to provide excellence in advisory capacities to solar lighting solutions. Our value is our understanding of the energy market, energy projects and our client’s needs

Why Solar Essentials


    Our solar products require less technical know how to set up

    We at Solar essentials give free solar maintenance for our products, for they are not prone to faults and malfunctions

    Solar energy source is completely renewable and the costs of installation are outweighed by the money saved in energy bills from traditional suppliers. Nevertheless, solar cells are prone to deterioration over large periods of time and are not as effective in unideal weather conditions.